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Spontaneous, inventive, sensitive and complex: these are the right words to define Pascal Viscardi as an artist. But if you really want understand his full potential and positive energy, you must see him behind the decks.

Originally from Italy, having grown up in Geneva (Switzerland), his musical universe is closely linked to his father's lands: the Neapolitan bay, its melancholy sun and the infinite poetry emerging from its narrow streets.

For more than 10 years, Pascal played a key role in the Swiss-French underground scene before devoting himself solely to his machines. Nowadays, his discography indicates 20 or so references, all made of analogue and ethereal sounds.

His selecta is a real journey through times, emotions and landscapes and it is free of stylistic constraints.


- PASCAL VISCARDI - Paradiso (Saft - 2015) SAFT09

- PASCAL VISCARDI - Wise Man's Decision (Traxx Underground - 2015) TULTD003

- PASCAL VISCARDI - How To Cover Up A Clear Blue Sky (Love Notes - 2016) LVNO-06

- PASCAL VISCARDI - The Warmest Color (Frole Records - 2016) FRLV008

- PASCAL VISCARDI - Costiera (Traxx Underground - 2016) TULTD004

- PASCAL VISCARDI - Last Day In Harajuku (Shall Not Fade - 2017) SNF012

- PASCAL VISCARDI - Chabha Dassin Hakku (La Chinerie - 2017) CDH006

- PÀSCAL - Nero Di Seppia (Periodica Records - 2018) PRD1008 


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