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Field recordings, sound design and the passion for 80s movies and their music movement: these were the main factors to form Filippo Colonna Romano and his feeling with the electronic music.
He got released music for labels such as Tartelet Records, Firecracker Recordings, Bordello a Parigi and Futuribile Record Club.
He spend long time at his "Montenuovo studio", experimenting and deep diving into his instruments, discovering different ways of approaching his productions.


- MODULA - Omicron Ballad (Tief Music, 2014)  TIEF004
- MODULA & Thanksmate - Behind The Shapes (Rawax, 2014)  RAWAX006 LTD
- MODULA - Attraverso Le Influenze (Stay Underground It Pays, 2015) SUIT007
- MODULA - Autostrada Galattica (Bordello A Parigi, 2017)  BAP075
- MODULA - Alba, Tempesta & Notturno (Tartelet Records, 2017)  TART039
- MODULA - The 780’s Chronicles (Firecracker Recordings, 2017)  FIREC022

- MODULA - Incontro al Club Ventuno (Futuribile Record Club, 2018)  FTR1003


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